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Sleeping is good for your Health

Evidence has been showing that disturbed sleep is associated with metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity and addressing poor quality sleep can be the beneficial for the treatment and prevention of these disorders.

Addressing things such as sleep apnea may have a positive effect on a patients mental health.  However a more common cause for sleep disruption has become the use of gaming devices, smart phones and tablets.  Even having a job where you work nights,may disrupt the bodies sleeping rhythms enough to cause poor metabolic health. Although a number of  studies point to a clear association between poor quality sleep and metabolic disorders, until recently, the reason for this association was not clear. However,  studies are starting to provide evidence that there is a direct causal link between loss of sleep and the body's ability to metabolize glucose, control food intake, and maintain its energy balance.

Further research is needed to see  the effect a goods night sleep will have on the prevention and reversal of certain metabolic disease.  However until that is done, it is safe to say that your chiropractor is recommending a good nights sleep for optimal health.  If you have trouble falling asleep use the tried and true method of warm milk before bed for its tryptophan inducing drowsiness.  Don't watch TV or read before bed to prevent excitement as you try to fall asleep.  Shut off the wireless phone, even having the light from the phone in your room can prevent deep slumber.  And if you cant fall asleep within 15 minutes of laying down, get up and do something.  Your body isn;t tired enough and laying in bed will cause more anxiety and sleep will be harder to come by.


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