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It is common to feel low back pain while pregnant due to the changes the body is undergoing.  However, it is possible to treat and ease the pain to make your pregnancy more enjoyable and less uncomfortable.

Cause of Low Back Pain during Pregnancy

1)Weight gain-most women will gain between 20 to 35 pounds while pregnant.  Every extra pound on our bodies puts 3 times the amount of stress on the spine

2)Hormonal changes -Relaxin is a hormone released by the body during pregnancy.  This helps loosen the ligaments to prepare the body for childbirth.  However ,it also loosens the spinal ligaments causing instability and pain int he back.

3)Muscle weakness-as the stomach size increases the abdominal muscles stretch and can separate at the seams.  This loss of support to the core of the body leads to pain

4)Stress-emotional stress will cause muscle tension which will be felt as spasms and tight muscles.


There are 2 types of low back pain associated with pregnancy.  Lumbar pain is felt across the low back in the waist and is similar to pain you may experience before you were pregnant.  It is aggravated by sitting, standing for long periods and relieved by rest.  It can radiate into the legs.

Posterior pelvic pain is the other pain felt during pregnancy.  This type of painis lower such as in the buttocks or back of the thighs.  It can also be felt over the pubic bone.  Bending at the waist aggravates this pain, as does walking, sitting or getting in and out of a chair or bed.


1)Ice-applications of ice for 15-20 minutes on the low back will reduce swelling pf painful muscles and relieve pain

2)Exercise-walking ,riding a stationary bike and swimming are all good exercise to do during pregnancy that will keep muscles loose. You can also try these exercises to ensure easier delivery

3)Posture-avoid slouching shoulders while sitting or walking. Sleep with a pillow between your legs. use proper biomechanics while lifting, bending and performing daily activities

4)Soft tissue treatment, joint mobilization and helps loosen muscles and decrease pain. Lupo Saladino Chiropractic specializes in these techniques for the treatment of back pain during pregnancy.  We have tables with an adjustable center piece so you can lay on your stomach without discomfort.

Don't let lower back pain get in the way of the pregnancy experience.  Call today for a consultation with one of the doctors to discuss a safe drugless alternative treatment for your pain.